Indian Government May Offer Welfare Benefits Specific to Trans Citizens

Indian Gov't May Offer Welfare Benfits to Trans Citizens

India's government is considering how to aid its disenfranchised trans citizens with educational incentives and pensions in a new welfare proposal draft.

40 People Who Show 2014 Was a Year for Breaking Gender Rules

40 People Who Destroyed Gender Rules in 2014

Keeping ourselves to listing only 40 phenomenal trans, gender-fluid, and nonbinary people who broke barriers in 2014 was the hardest part — which is pretty cool in itself.

ABC Family Orders Trans Reality Series 'My Transparent Life'

ABC Family to Air Trans-Parent Reality Series

Move over, Maura. Make room for Ben and his transgender parent, Carly.

Google+ Now Lets You Define Your Gender

Google+ Now Lets You Define Your Gender

The social networking outlet of the tech giant is the latest to let users define their gender identity however feels right to them.

EXCLUSIVE: Watch the Season Finale of Trans Web Series 'Brothers'

EXCLUSIVE: Season Finale of Trans Web Series Brothers

Desire! Betrayal! Top surgery fundraisers! Grab your popcorn and catch the season finale of this trailblazing Web series about the lives of four trans male friends.

Right-Wingers Want Constitutional Amendment Banning Trans People

Right-Wingers Want Constitution to Ban Trans People

They also admit they are in a 'war … with the LGBT community.'

New York: Health Insurers Cannot Discriminate Against Trans People

More Good News for Trans New Yorkers

New York becomes the 9th jurisdiction to ban health insurers from denying transgender patients coverage for medically necessary healthcare.

37 Alternative 'Trans Anthems' by Trans Musicians

37 Alternative 'Trans Anthems' by Trans Musicians

Looking for a 'trans anthem' for your playlist? Listen to 37 sensational songs written and performed by some seriously talented trans and gender-variant musicians.

WATCH: Air Force Secretary Supports Open Trans Service

WATCH: Air Force Secretary Supports Open Trans Service

Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James says it's time to review — and rescind — the military's ban on open service by transgender Americans.

Cleveland Paper's Editorial Invokes Fear of 'Predators' in Trans Accommodations

Cleveland Editors Stoke Fear of Trans 'Predators' in Women's Bathrooms

Several Plain Dealer editorial board members made the misinformed argument that allowing trans people to use the facilities that correspond with their gender identity would endanger women.

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