Editors Letter Its Hard to Hate a Real Person

Editor's Letter: It's Hard to Hate a Real Person

Traveling is often an opportunity to hear both sides of the conversation about us.

Editors Letter April 2012

Editor's Letter: We Will Never Stop

The momentum of progress in recognizing same-sex unions is almost as staggering as the anti-equality movements to stop it.

Editors Letter March 2012

Editor's Letter

Editor in chief Matthew Breen reflects on The Advocate's humble beginnings 45 years ago.

Editors Letter February 2012

Editor's Letter

On average, LGBT people travel more than their straight friends and family. Which might be a good thing considering the political climate.

Editors Letter A Right to Divorce December January 2011

Editor's Letter: A Right to Divorce

Equality isn't always pretty, and that's a sobering realization.

Editors Letter November 2011

Editor's Letter: Let's Get Visible

It's clear from the pictures you sent for A Day in Gay America that we are a diverse and passionate group.

Editors Letter October 2011 What It Means to Be Out

Editor's Letter: What It Means to Be Out

Breen lauds Lynch for participating in one of the most fundamental things a person can do to improve the lives of future generations — be out in the public forum.

Editors Letter September 2011

Editor's Letter: No More Asking for Permission

Breen encourages you to demand equality, and demand it now.

Editors Letter August 2011

Editor's Letter

Popular is not always bad, says Breen. Case in point: Lady Gaga.

Editors Letter June/July 2011

Editor's Letter

Matthew Breen never passes up the chance to celebrate gay pride.

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