Broadway's Nick Adams vs. New York Bar

Broadway's Nick Adams took to Twitter after he and his boyfriend were denied entry to a Manhattan nightclub for "not following dress code." Translation? They were gay. Cue Adams's fans bombarding the bar with complaints.



Note to bartenders, bouncers, and business owners the world over: Don't mess with gay-list celebrities.

Broadway star Nick Adams -- who is as well known for his extensive theater résumé as he is for last year's tabloid-concocted tiff with A Chorus Line costar Mario Lopez over who had the better bod -- took to his Twitter and Facebook page over the weekend after he and his boyfriend were turned away from a predominantly straight Manhattan bar.

Adams tweeted that he and his boyfriend were denied entry to the Turtle Bay Grill and Lounge by a bouncer who claimed their white T-shirts were in violation of the bar's dress code. Adams says he and his boyfriend were holding hands, something he says the bouncer took notice of and, with a laugh, turned them away.

"At first I was like, OK, I'm just being a little sensitive to this, I think, " Adams told "But then I watched this group of guys [in white T-shirts] go right in. Obviously, they were there with their girlfriends and not gay.

"You get a sense sometimes from people that they are uncomfortable with your sexuality or they're going to treat you differently because of it," Adams continued, "and I 100% felt that way in that situation."

Rather than cause a scene, Adams hopped online. Through Twitter, Facebook, and his personal blog, Adams told his story and, within minutes, his fans went crazy.

Comments began to pile up on his blog, including one from a man identifying himself as the general manager of Turtle Bay, who wrote that the club never allows guys in white T-shirts to enter and called Adams's allegations "ignorant, irresponsible, and flat-out wrong."