Out100: The Activists Who Shaped 2013

The LGBT lawyers, doctors, activists, thinkers, and homecoming queens who changed the world.



J.R. Badian, Harper Jean Tobin, & Diego Sanchez
Businessman, Policy Makers
Photography by Danielle Levitt

Out on Businessman J.R. Badian, MasterCard V.P. of digital marketing and social media:

Badian has been at the forefront of making Mastercard LGBT-inclusive: "The greater the acceptance the greater the diversity, the greater the innovation, the greater the growth."

Out on policy maker Harper Jean Tobin:

In her four years as the director of policy at the National Center for Transgender Equality, Tobin (center) has fought to improve the quality of life of transgender people, from expanding health care and revising passport policies to protecting transgender prisoners.

Out on policy maker Diego Sanchez:

Sanchez (top right) made history when he was appointed senior policy advisor to former Rep. Barney Frank, the first openly trans legislative member on Capitol Hill. The Augusta, Ga., native has since become the national policy director of PFLAG.

Photographed at Fast Ashley‚ Studio in Brooklyn, N.Y., on October 2, 2013