Stop SB48 Organizers Fail in Second Attempt to Repeal LGBT Education Law



Efforts to repeal California's LGBT history curriculum have been thwarted again, after antigay opponents failed to qualify a voter initiative for the 2014 ballot. 

The organizers of Stop SB48 launched a volunteer petition-signing campaign focused largely on churches, according to the Associated Press. The group acquired about 446,000 signatures, short of the necessary 504,760 to get the measure on the ballot. This was the second time that a campaign to repeal SB48 has failed.

SB48, also known as the FAIR Education Act, was passed by the California legislature and signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown in 2011. In addition to teaching LGBT history, students would also be instructed about people with disabilities and people of color. The law took effect in January, but many schools have yet to fully implement the LGBT-inclusive curriculum.