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Can Joe Biden Build a Better LGBTQ+ America?

The former vice president's plan for the future includes protecting marginalized people. Now is the time to take our righteous anger to the polls.

BLM Co-Founder Alicia Garza is Bringing Black Queer Folks to the Polls

The activist is launching several groundbreaking initiatives to ignite a new wave of Black leaders. 

Black Lives Matter: An LGBTQ+ Roundtable With Patrisse Cullors

The BLM cofounder discusses what's next with LGBTQ+ activists Ashlee Marie Preston, Aaryn Lang, Alphonso David, Rashad Robinson, and Alicia Garza. 

The Gay History of the High Five

Glenn Burke, a gay outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers, is credited as the inventor of the greeting. It's been called a "defiant symbol of gay pride."

Black LGBTQ+ Pioneers You Should Know

The groundbreaking work of these artists and activists needs to be celebrated.

Op-ed: 6 Lessons Learned After Eight Years at The Advocate

Farewell, dears. Here's a few things I've picked up in the last few years.

Sex Is Power: Frank Underwood, Our First Bi President

The sexuality of House of Cards' commander in chief sure is interesting, isn't it?

7 Queer Women Ensuring We Know #BlackLivesMatter

The candles may burn for black men slain by police, but those candles are raised by women.

Vice Shares an Inside Look at a Texas 'Ex-Gay' Camp

In the first part of a series, Vice takes a look at the industry that claims to help people change their sexual orientation.


Michael Sam Dons Boogie Shoes For 'Dancing With The Stars'

As Michael Sam looks for another opportunity to join the NFL, he also will compete in season 20 of Dancing With The Stars.

Gay Republican Tim Miller Joins Jeb Bush Camp

The Republican campaigns are ramping up, and Jeb Bush has chosen gay Republican Tim Miller for his team.

Louisiana: Men Arrested Under Unconstitutional Sodomy Law

Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie issued a reminder to cops to stop arresting people under the state's defunct sodomy law.

Kate Brown, First Openly LGBT Governor, Assumes Office With Pointed Inauguration Speech

Kate Brown took office as Oregon's governor Wednesday, promising to leave behind the political scandal that has plagued the state recently.

This Bi Oregonian Will Be Nation's First Out Governor

Openly bisexual secretary of state Kate Brown may become the 37th governor of Oregon.

Record Number of Americans Support Marriage Equality As Laws Sweep Across U.S.

As the Supreme Court prepares to hear arguments regarding state marriage bans this spring, a record number of people across the political spectrum support the right to marry for same-sex couples.

What’s You and Your Partner’s Song?

It's time to slow dance (or bump and grind...).

Kansas Rolls Back LGBT Protections With Stroke of Pen

Kansas governor Sam Brownback issued an executive order that could put the employment of state workers in jeopardy.

PHOTOS: Alabama Couples Get Hitched, With a Few Hitches

Couples across Alabama are grabbing marriage licenses Monday after the U.S. Supreme Court gave them the go-ahead to start marrying.

Activists Storm LGBT Conference in Wake of Queer Latina Killing

Following the demonstration, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock told organizers that he would not speak at this year's Creating Change conference as planned.

ExxonMobil Finally Updates Worker Protection Policy

After years of lobbying and finally an executive order from the president, ExxonMobil now says it will protect its LGBT employees from discrimination.