Notes From Outgames: The Soccer Player

Our interview from Outgames series continues with Heather Harrison, who was all about volleyball in college, but made the switch to a lesbian soccer league.



Heather Harrison, 36, played volleyball throughout her career at York University in Toronto, but now it's soccer in the local all-women's lesbian and lesbian-friendly league of about 220 people.

And it's soccer at Outgames too.

"It's been awesome, getting to play on a team with players from Russia and elsewhere around the world," said Harrison, the coordinator for health and fitness at Pickering University. "It's been very interesting just trying to communicate with my teammates What goes through your mind when you aren't involved in the action?Heather Harrison: I really get into the zone. If anything, I'm beating myself up for something I did in the past."

What do you eat at halftime of a game?I stop eating 90 minutes before a game. Maybe, if I'm dying during the first half, I will have something with caffeine.

What's your pre-game music-of-choice?Anything from the '80s.

Do you do a lot of trash-talking during games?Back home, yes, but really only if the other player is good. I think it helps my game.

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