Super Bowl Ads: Best and Worst Ever

Everyone knows Super Bowl ads appeal to the best and worst of American humor, so will this year be a winner for LGBT viewers? Here we look back at the TV moments we loved — or that made us cringe.



Sheryl Crow posed for a Revlon ad that pitted its coloring product against her professional and picky colorist himself. The guy played an obstinate stereotypical gay hairstylist at first before coming around to give the product his approval. Might be a stereotype, but in the end the stylist is the arbiter of cool.


The 2012 Toyota Camry “Reinvented” commercial riffs on of all the things in the world that have been reinvented. Immediately we see the reinvented couch as a batch of hot women rock a chair pose and wait for the guy to come sit down and watch the game. Good for Toyota that they saw fit to have the couch come in a male version too. The guy didn’t seem to mind too much, either.


A Motorola ad for the 2010 Super Bowl featured actress Megan Fox supposedly taking a self-portrait while in the bathtub and wondering what would happen if she sent the photo out to her online followers. Amid a montage of macho guys who are tragically distracted by Fox's bare shoulders, the ad shows a woman slapping her boyfriend for looking at the image, followed by two effeminate, presumably gay men slapping one another for the same offense. New York Times columnist Stuart Elliott panned the ad, saying it played into stereotypes about gay men. As for the shaky logic that two gay men would come to blows over a barely scandalous picture of a straight actress, well … Clearly advertisers can't be bothered by logic when they have stereotypes to perpetuate.

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