The Sporno Guide to the Summer Olympics
July 26 2012 11:14 AM ET

The Sporno Guide to the Summer Olympics

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The Olympic Portraits You Were Not Meant to See
July 26 2012 10:41 AM ET

The Olympic Portraits You Weren't Meant to See

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Team LGBT Goes for the Gold at the Olympics
July 16 2012 4:00 AM ET

Olympics: Who Is on Our Team?

Michelle Garcia

About 10,500 athletes will compete at the Olympic games in London this summer. Which ones are gay?

Australian Athletes Claim There Are 'Tons' of Gay Olympic Couples
July 15 2012 10:35 AM ET

'Tons' of Gay Olympic Couples? Athletes Say Yes

Lucas Grindley

Two Australian Olympians who are married have been told they can't room together, and they say that's unfair treatment because of the "tons of gay couples" who can.

World Pride in London
July 09 2012 3:10 PM ET

World Pride in London Editors

The 40th Gay Pride in London was scaled down, but still feisty and full of spirit.

A Smaller WorldPride to Go on in London
July 06 2012 12:42 PM ET

A Smaller WorldPride to Go on in London

Trudy Ring

Lack of funding has caused a scaling-back of WorldPride festivities.

Trans Man Just Barely Misses Chance at Olympics
June 22 2012 12:32 PM ET

Trans Man Just Barely Misses Chance at Olympics

Diane Anderson-Minshall

Keelin Godsey may not have made it to the 2012 Olympics, but the 28-year-old has already made history as the first out transgender athlete to seriously compete for an Olympic berth.

Activists Press Olympics to Ban Antigay Countries
June 13 2012 3:24 PM ET

Should the Olympics Ban Antigay Countries?

Lucas Grindley

The Olympic ideal is to set aside disagreements every four years, but one division has some LGBT activists calling for certain countries to be expelled.

The Queen Meets the Divas
June 06 2012 5:57 PM ET

The Queen Meets the Divas Editors

Global superstars Elton John, Tom Jones, Kylie Minogue, Robbie Williams, Paul McCartney, and Shirley Bassey among others performed at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Concert at Buckingham Palace in Lon

Teenage Diver With Two Dads Fighting to Make It Into London Olympics
June 04 2012 12:43 PM ET

Thirteen-Year-Old Diver With Two Dads Hopes to Make It to Olympics

Neal Broverman

The youngest ever person to qualify for the U.S. Olympic diving trials, Jordan Pisey Windle will serve as grand marshal of central Indiana's pride festival.

Can a Jubilee Ever Go Over the Top?
June 03 2012 11:40 PM ET

Can a Jubilee Ever Go Over the Top? Editors

For only the second time in its history, the U.K. celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of a monarch. It's been 60 years since Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne.