Thousands Rally at South Carolina Statehouse to 'Stand With God' Against Marriage Equality

Thousands 'Stand With God' Against Marriage Equality in S.C.

The self-proclaimed ‘Pro-Family Rally’ featured speeches from Texas-based Presidential hopefuls Ted Cruz and Rick Perry.

WATCH: Donald Trump Still Can't Explain His Marriage Equality Opposition

Donald Trump Can't Explain Marriage Equality Opposition

The top-polling Republican presidential candidate avoided answering a direct question like a political pro.

Ricky Martin Blasts Donald Trump for 'Racist, Absurd' Comments

Ricky Martin: Trump's Rhetoric 'Racist, Absurd'

The singer lambastes Trump for his anti-Latino rhetoric, capped by his ejection of Univision anchor Jorge Ramos from a campaign event Tuesday.

Chris Christie Opposes Anti-LGBT Discrimination Disguised as 'Religious Liberty'

Chris Christie (Kind of) Opposes 'Right to Discriminate' Laws

The Republican governor of New Jersey broke ranks with his fellow presidential candidates, saying he does not believe LGBT people should be denied service.

WATCH: Walter Mercado Analyzes Señor Donald Trump's Political Future

Walter Mercado Looks at Señor Trump's Political Future

On YouTube, celeb astrologer Walter Mercado addresses Donald Trump's anti-immigrant statements, calling his political future 'slim.'

WATCH: Can You Spot the Lies in These Ted Cruz Videos?

Can You Spot the Lies in These Ted Cruz Videos?

The Republican presidential candidate and his supporters are spreading lies and half-truths about 'persecution' of antigay Christians.

Trump: Same-Sex Marriage Is a Dead Issue

Trump: Same-Sex Marriage Is a Dead Issue

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Donald Trump weighed in on marriage equality and Caitlyn Jenner.

Ellen Page Faces Off With Antigay Ted Cruz About LGBT Rights at Iowa State Fair

WATCH: Ellen Page vs. Ted Cruz on LGBT Rights

The actress, who came out in 2014, confronted the Republican presidential candidate about LGBT rights.

WATCH: Bernie Sanders Slams 'Very Smart' Divisive Antigay Republicans

Bernie Sanders Slams Divisive Antigay Republicans

But the Democratic presidential hopeful and Independent Senator from Vermont refused to bad-mouth rival Hillary Clinton.

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