WATCH: Huckabee Compares Being Trans to Getting Breast Implants

Huckabee Compares Being Trans to Getting Breast Implants

The presidential aspirant also called open military service by transgender Americans 'absurd.'

WATCH: Ted Cruz Calls Congressional Hearing to Shame 'Supreme Court Activism'

WATCH: Ted Cruz's Tantrum Over 'SCOTUS Activism'

The Texas Senator and GOP presidential hopeful was all doom-and-gloom at his sparsely attended congressional hearing about the dangers of 'judicial tyranny.'

WATCH: Rick Santorum Regrets 'Man on Dog' Remark — Sort Of

Rick Santorum Regrets 'Man on Dog' Remark — Sort Of 

It was a 'flippant comment' that he's sorry he made, Santorum tells Rachel Maddow, but he stands by the point he was attempting to make.

Gay Men Featured in Hillary Clinton Campaign Video Get Married

Gay Couple From Clinton Campaign Video Tie the Knot

The two were wed in Chicago at Montrose Harbor in an afternoon ceremony.

WATCH: Ted Cruz Misrepresents Iowa Discrimination Case 'In Defense of Religious Liberty'

Ted Cruz's Antigay Spin 'In Defense of Religious Liberty' Will Give You Whiplash

Cruz laments that a wedding venue's owners were 'forced' to close down, when in fact they are doing so voluntarily rather than comply with antidiscrimination law.

George Lopez's Unfunny Antigay Slur Against Donald Trump

George Lopez's Unfunny Slur Against Donald Trump

The Mexican-American comic responded to Donald Trump's offensive comments about Mexicans with ugly words of his own.

WATCH: 'Do You Think Being Gay Is A Choice?' Scott Walker Says He Doesn't Know

WATCH: Scott Walker's Most Duh-Uh Moment

The Wisconsin Governor's answer is that this is "not even an issue for me to be involved in."

Republican Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush Announces Support for LGBT Nondiscrimination Laws

Jeb Bush Supports LGBT Rights (Sorta)

The former Florida Governor just became the most pro-LGBT Republican presidential candidate.

18 Presidential Candidates — As Depicted By Cats

18 Presidential Candidates — As Depicted By Cats

There are now at least a dozen and a half candidates running for president in 2016. It's not easy to keep track of all their positions on LGBT issues, but hopefully this feline menagerie will make it a little easier.

Scott Walker Backtracks on Implying Boys Scouts' 'Gay Ban' Protects Kids

Scott Walker Walks Back Controversial Boy Scout Comments 

Under fire from gay rights groups, Walker tried to distance himself from claims that he had implied gay men and youth are predatory.

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