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Summer Loving In London

Manchester Pride Has a Sense of Humor

Thousands of people marched through the streets of Manchester for the annual Pride parade, which included more than 100 floats. Part of the Pride Big Weekend, this year's theme was "Queer'd Science" in honor of computer pioneer Alan Turing.

Team LGBT: The Medal Count

How did the gay athletes fare at the London 2012 games?

Team LGBT: Week One Wrap Up

They played, they scored, they medaled. Here's where Team LGBT stands after the first week at the Olympic games.


Historic Members of Team LGBT

There's no doubt that hundreds, if not thousands of LGBT athletes have competed in the modern Olympics. Here are a few who have made us proud.

AbFab Stars Carry Real Olympic Torch Through London

Absolutely Fabulous stars Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley follow up their Olympics-themed comedy special with a real-life relay through the streets of London jointly carrying the Olympic flame.

Olympics: Who Is on Our Team?

About 10,500 athletes will compete at the Olympic games in London this summer. Which ones are gay?

World Pride in London

The 40th Gay Pride in London was scaled down, but still feisty and full of spirit.

A Smaller WorldPride to Go on in London

Lack of funding has caused a scaling-back of WorldPride festivities.