WATCH: Ted Cruz Calls Congressional Hearing to Shame 'Supreme Court Activism'

WATCH: Ted Cruz's Tantrum Over 'SCOTUS Activism'

The Texas Senator and GOP presidential hopeful was all doom-and-gloom at his sparsely attended congressional hearing about the dangers of 'judicial tyranny.'

WATCH: Rick Santorum Regrets 'Man on Dog' Remark — Sort Of

Rick Santorum Regrets 'Man on Dog' Remark — Sort Of 

It was a 'flippant comment' that he's sorry he made, Santorum tells Rachel Maddow, but he stands by the point he was attempting to make.

WATCH: Marriage Equality Will Lead to Man-Animal Love Affairs, Says Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson Thinks Marriage Equality = Bestiality

The televangelist trots out his shopworn and outlandish arguments that marriage equality will lead to legalization of bestiality, polygamy, and pedophilia.

Missouri County Votes to Lower Flag to Mourn Marriage Equality

Marriage Ruling Whips-Up Flag Flap in Missouri 

Dent County will fly the flag at half-staff over public buildings the 26th of each month for the next year to protest what a county official calls a 'despicable' ruling.

How Joe Biden Helped Win Marriage Equality

How Joe Biden Helped Win Marriage Equality

Speaking at a Freedom to Marry event, Biden recalls his role as a U.S. senator in keeping Robert Bork off the Supreme Court — and bringing Anthony Kennedy on.

Police Lieutenant’s Homophobia Revealed in Antigay Letter

Cop Reveals His Hatred in Antigay Letter to Editor

Lt. Toby Will of Stockton, Calif., says homosexuality is 'vile and sinful' and will bring 'the wrath of God.'

Marco Rubio Makes Up His Mind on Antigay Constitutional Amendment

Marco Rubio Makes Up His Mind on Antigay Amendment

Now that the Supreme Court has established marriage equality nationwide, Marco Rubio does not support a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.

Russia Trolls U.S. After Supreme Court Marriage Ruling

Russia Trolls U.S. After Marriage Equality Ruling

The United Russia party unveiled a 'heterosexual flag' at a rally to honor the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity.

Justice Antonin Scalia's Greatest Fits

Justice Scalia's Greatest Fits

Invoking 'Kulturkampf,' 'legalistic argle-bargle,' and 'the black-robed supremacy,' Justice Scalia expresses his opposition to LGBT rights in a colorful manner. Just ask the nearest hippie.

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