Westboro Baptist Church

Find out the latest news about the Westboro Baptist Church, an extremist religious organization helmed by antigay minister Fred Phelps. Discover the history of the Westboto Baptist Church, which frequently pickets the funerals of fallen LGBT individuals and military heroes with signs that read ‘God Hates Fags.’ An example of this antigay protest is featured prominently in the HBO film ‘The Laramie Project,’ which is based on the events following the murder of gay man Matthew Shepard. Read about Westboro and other organizations that are opponents of LGBT rights.

Even the rabidly anti-LGBT Westboro Baptist Church has joined the condemnation of rogue Kentucky clerk Kim Davis.

11:14 AM

Rock and roll band Foo Fighters aren't going to sit quietly and let the antigay Westboro Baptist Chruch upstage them.

August 24 2015 3:36 PM

The hateful so-called church reversed the colors of Ireland's flag, turning it into Ivory Coast's.

May 26 2015 9:59 PM

The hostile, homophobic church has lost its original Twitter account.

January 14 2015 5:41 PM

To block the hate spewed at LGBT Christians attending the Gay Christian Network Conference, a local clergy organized a counter protest made of love.

January 10 2015 7:57 PM

The infamously hateful Westboro Baptist Church wants to help the state of Kansas defend its ban on same-sex marriage. Bet you can't guess why ...

October 27 2014 6:32 PM

After the Westboro Baptist Church targeted Panic! At The Disco, a a 16-year-old Scottish fan had a few choice words to sing back to the antigay group.

August 23 2014 1:34 PM

A popular Australian comedian and TV host has offered to fly Westboro members to Iraq so they can protest persecution of Christians.

August 22 2014 7:32 PM

The person or people behind God's social media accounts say the Westboro Baptist Church has been putting words in his mouth.

August 20 2014 1:26 PM