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Steven Anderson Says Westboro Baptist Church Too Openly Homophobic

Steven Anderson and Westboro protester

Says a pastor who has called for the murder and extermination of LGBTQ people.

A minister banned from Ireland for being too homophobic condemned the Westboro Baptist Church for preaching too much hate.

Steven Anderson, an Arizona minister best known for his 2014 call to kill all homosexuals to stop AIDS, said the Westboro folk cross the line. But his reason isn't so much a disagreement with the church's notorious "Got Hates Fags" messaging. Rather, he's concerned the ministry's methods are a bit of a turn-off.

In a new video sermon, he suggested Westboro hatemongers tone it down.

"Okay, but is there any fruit? Is there any building going on? Is there any planting going on? Or is it just all negative, all the time?" he said.

He does deliver some words of condemnation to late Westboro founder Fred Phelps, who was excommunicated from the church before his 2014 death.

"False prophet! The guy had a wrong salvation, wrong gospel, wrong doctrine, not saved, total heresy," Anderson said. "And he's just getting up and just ripping on homos all the time. But when did he ever get up and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ? Never.

"When did he ever have a positive message about reaching people with the gospel, winning souls, all the good things? Never. "

Anderson has previously thrown his endorsement behind other famed homophobes, notably the Pulse shooter.

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