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7 Healthy Ways to Increase Your Pet’s Energy — and Yours


Try these healthy and stimulating tips that can easily enhance your pet's liveliness as well as your own.

From natural food diets to exciting exercise routines, these simple suggestions will get every pet owner (and his/her pet) energized to the fullest. It can be difficult to take time out to really relax and rejuvenate, but these small tips can keep you and your pet happy, sharp, and stress-free.

  • Go alkaline with your dog or cat's water. Alkaline water is a helpful aid in combating acidity and free radicals. Less acidic than typical tap water, it's rich in calcium, potassium, and other alkalizing compounds. It's a positive supplement for an active lifestyle and great for pets and their owners alike!
  • Add mixers or toppings to dry food. Adding special mix-ins to your dog's or cat's dry food can help aid digestion, improve dental hygiene, and support skin and coat health. With human-grade ingredients like chicken, carrots, and apples, Purina Beyond's Purees are the perfect addition to your dog's regular diet.
  • Supplement diets with Omega 3 fatty acids. Great for preventing and even treating illness, Omega 3 supplements can improve your pet's overall health. They not only improve the luster and shine of your pet's coat, but also can help with concentration levels -- which in turn can lead to more energy!
  • Get to know your pet's playtime habits. Since every pet is unique, it's important to know the right way to play with them. Sniffing games, obstacles, or special toys are all particular to your pet's age and personality as well as the frequency and intensity of the game. For more long-term, outside fun, check out these six tips for exercising with your pet too!
  • Invest in a cat treehouse. Even if your cat is more of a homebody, there are still ways to make sure they get enough exercise and excitement. Complete with multiple levels for climbing around and hideaways to nap, a cat treehouse is great for giving your feline friend a place to reenergize without leaving the house.
  • Love yoga? Doggie yoga is a thing! Yoga has enjoyed an incredible surge in popularity over the decades, so why should our canine friends miss out? Dog Yoga, or Doga, is thriving in Chicago, New York, and Seattle, and it is a natural way for both you and your pet to tap into their inner well-being and energy.
  • Pet energy healing therapy is also a thing! Even with a proper diet and medical attention, your pet could still use a helping hand, literally. Energy healing is a way to reduce stress, promote healing after surgery, and balance your pet's emotional and physical well-being. The hands-on approach to energy healing is also a fantastic way to bond with your pet.

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