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The 700 Club

Pat Robertson: If Your Kid Sees Gay Porn, a Pedo's Behind It

Robertson promotes the myth that gays are sexual predators, while showing he just doesn't get technology.

Pat Robertson Afraid of LGBT People's 'Organized Thrust'

This 'organized thrust' by LGBT people and their allies will create tyranny over Christians, says the homophobic televangelist.

Pat Robertson Says Gays Want All Opponents in Jail

Kim Davis is just the beginning, warns the antigay televangelist.

WATCH: Marriage Equality Will Bring Financial Crisis, Says Pat Robertson

God is mad, and he'll cause a meltdown if we don't change our ways, says the wingnut televangelist.

Pat Robertson Thinks Marriage Equality = Bestiality

The televangelist trots out his shopworn and outlandish arguments that marriage equality will lead to legalization of bestiality, polygamy, and pedophilia.

WATCH: The Gays Are Recruiting, Warns Pat Robertson

That's his response to a viewer's question about her son's affair with a married man.

WATCH: Only Prayer Can Stop Gay Destruction of Marriage, Says Pat Robertson

'Let the Lord take care of it because there isn't a whole lot else you can do,' says the antigay televangelist.

WATCH: Pat Robertson Wants License to Discriminate

Nondiscrimination laws that require businesses to serve everyone equally are a 'nail in the coffin of the morality of this nation,' says the right-wing preacher.

Pat Robertson Urges Parents to Skip Kid's Gay Wedding

Attending the ceremony means they condone homosexuality, the right-wing televangelist says on his 700 Club show.

WATCH: Lesbian Friend Might Convert Kids, Warns Robertson

Robertson advises a mother not to shun her lesbian friend, but to be careful, because 'you don't want your children to grow up as lesbians.'