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WATCH: Marriage Equality Will Bring Financial Crisis, Says Pat Robertson

WATCH: Marriage Equality Will Bring Financial Crisis, Says Pat Robertson

Having blamed LGBT people for earthquakes, hurricanes, and terrorist attacks, Pat Robertson now says we’re going to cause a global financial meltdown.

Today on The 700 Club, Robertson lamented the Supreme Court marriage equality decision and the fact that Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis is likely to face punishment for refusal to license same-sex marriages. “Isn’t it a shame, there was a time that homosexuality was considered an aberration — it was illegal, as a matter of fact, and the thought of two homosexuals marrying one another was just undreamed of, we couldn’t even conceive of it,” he said.

Robertson, who last week said God’s wrath over government funding of Planned Parenthood was behind recent stock market plunges, today predicted marriage equality will bring even worse economic damage.

“God Almighty is looking down on this nation and, folks, I want to tell you that our finances right now are hanging by a thread ... the entire financial framework of our world is so tenuous right now, and if there is was ever a time that we need the grace of God, it is now,” he said. “And unless something is done to change the courts and to change the way this country is going, it’s just a question of time before the fabric ruptures and we’ll all suffer because of it.”

Watch a clip below, courtesy of Right Wing Watch.

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