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Acceptance Matters

Conservatives are outraged by this California school's LGBTQ+ policies

In expressing their disdain for policies pushing so-called "LGBT ideology," conservatives are actually taking a stance against anti-bullying rules.

Jazz Jennings Reveals She's Having Gender Confirmation Surgery

The TLC reality star has always been candid about her transition.

Op-ed: Why Dumb Ads Hurt Moms and Dads

Ads that shut out fathers do a disservice to the entire family.

Op-ed: "I'm Cured!" - A What-If Scenario

Let's say HIV is cured today -- what would it be like tomorrow?…
Acceptance Matters

Op-ed: Differences Don't Make Families Inferior

Zach Wahls may have two moms but his Iowa upbringing was otherwise traditional. Still, some people look down on families like his.

Op-ed: We're Here, We're Queer, We're Not Part of a Pair

Contrary to popular opinion, gay and bi singles are individuals, too.

Op-ed: Separate or Together?

Yes, we pay together. And sleep together.

WATCH: We Wish Every Coming Out Got a Hug-a-Thon

This gay man's road trip had him coming out to friends and family one after another. Here's the quick version of their touching reaction.

Op-ed: Why #AcceptanceMatters in Love

RuPaul and Tyler Curry agree: If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?

Op-ed: Why I Filmed My Coming Out Journey

Michael Gorlick decided to film his entire coming out process. Here's what he learned.

WATCH: Davey Wavey Does Acceptance One Better

YouTube star Davey Wavey argues that there's one thing better than being accepted -- being celebrated.

Op-ed: Creator of Red Equal Sign on Why It Mattered

Anastasia Khoo, the brain behind the Human Rights Campaign's red equality logo, on the little symbol of acceptance and equality that millions adopted this year.

Op-ed: How Straight Teen Girls Could Change the World

YouTube star Davey Wavey knows his audience is the next generations of best friends, allies, and our strongest advocates.