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Taliban Stabbed Gay, Nonbinary Afghan 18 Times

"They didn't take my things because they were not thieves, they were the Taliban," the victim said. "They wanted to kill me."

Will Humanitarian Aid Reach the LGBTQ+ Afghans in Hiding?

As Afghanistan deals with humanitarian emergencies, the Taliban's anti-LGBTQ+ violence is one of the numerous challenges facing the country. 

Canada Has Promised to Resettle LGBTQ+ Afghans and Female Judges

Canada previously said it would take in 40,000 Afghan refugees after U.S.-led forces left Afghanistan in August.

Taliban Has ‘Kill List’ of LGBTQ+ People, NGO Claims

News of the list comes only days after a Taliban spokesperson said the group would not recognize LGBTQ+ rights. 

Gay Afghan Says the Taliban Burned Him, Lives 'Like a Prisoner' Now

"[LGBTQ+ people in Afghanistan] don't know if we will be alive tomorrow or not," the victim said. "I think the whole world doesn't think about that.

The U.S. Must Release All LGBTQ+ Immigrants From Detention

The violence of the detention system falls hardest on people already facing persecution and bias because of their sexuality or gender identity.

Gay Afghan: The Taliban Killed My Boyfriend

The man said the Taliban tracked down and killed his boyfriend shortly after taking Kabul. 

Lindsey Graham Calls for Biden Impeachment

The Republican senator made the statement even though it was Donald Trump who originally agreed to the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

130+ LGBTQ Rights Groups Demand Protection for Vulnerable Afghans

The rights organizations voice concern over the history of the Taliban and the group's extremist views. 

Afghanistan’s Gay Men Fear Death as Taliban Judge OKs Stonings

Many in the nation's queer community are attempting to flee as the Taliban resumes control.

How You Can Help LGBTQ+ Afghans in Crisis

Numerous organizations could use your support as they help LGBTQ+ people remaining in Afghanistan and those fleeing the country.

Summer of Discontent for America and Especially for Biden, Harris

The confluence of the Delta variant and the Taliban tests the administration as Republicans salivate.


The Dire Plight of LGBTQ+ Afghan Refugees

Swift action needs to be taken by the American government and LGBTQ+ notables to save these extremely vulnerable people.

Austria Rejects Gay Afghan for Asylum on Grounds He Isn't Gay Enough

An Austrian immigration official doesn't seem to realize that not all gay people are alike.

New Afghan 'Sesame Street' Character Teaches Boys to Love Their Sisters and Learning

The newest Sesame Street character in Afghanistan has an important lesson to teach to boys about gender equality — just by loving his older sister.