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In The Advocate's Women section, readers can find out the latest news and updates that are important to lesbian, bisexual, and transgender women. Discover articles related to politics, arts and entertainment, health, parenting, business, travel, and more. Find out about women from all spheres of influence who are working toward advancing the LGBT rights movement like Tammy Baldwin, Guinevere Turner, Gloria Steinem, Ellen Page, Laverne Cox, and Diana Nyad. Watch videos, read articles, and stay up-to-date on all issues related to gay women.

Lesbian reveals the reality of being LGBTQ+ in Cameroon after president's daughter comes out

After the coming out of Brenda Biya, the president of Cameroon's daughter, one lesbian in the country opens up about being “afraid for my life every day."

This out women's soccer player is celebrating Pride without labels: 'You're good just where you are'

Washington Spirit defender Anna Heilferty tells the Advocate about growing LGBTQ+ representation in women's soccer.

A lesbian couple was brutally beaten by group of men in Halifax. Police still haven't filed charges

Two LGBTQ+ women are seeking justice after a group of men violently assaulted them over the weekend.

Cameroon president's daughter comes out, reveals relationship with Brazilian model

LGBTQ+ relationships are criminalized in Cameroon, carrying a sentence of up to five years in prison.

All Republican women in the South Carolina Senate lost their primaries — Here's why

Three women GOP State Senators joined Democrats last year to block an extreme conservative-backed bill.

The Advocates 2024: Poet and activist Dr. Cheryl Clarke

The lesbian poet, essayist, scholar, and educator's career and activism have been going strong for over four decades.

Supreme Court blocks Idaho's ban on emergency abortions, but it's 'not a victory for pregnant patients'

The U.S. Supreme Court has blocked an Idaho ban on emergency abortions, but Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson says the decision "is not a victory for pregnant patients."

The Advocates 2024: Admiral Rachel Levine

The first out transgender federal official continues to firmly stand her ground despite relentless far-right attacks.

Yes, HIV-positive people can safely breastfeed

On a recent episode of +Talk, two experts relay the real facts about breastfeeding when living with HIV.

How 'SVU' led Mariska Hargitay to stand up for sexual assault survivors

"I stay motivated because an extraordinary amount of work remains to be done," Hargitay says.

The Boys' lesbian star Valorie Curry on mocking her hateful right-wing character

The Boys' new supe Firecracker punches down on queer people. The show's lesbian star Valorie Curry tells The Advocate why it's important that she got to portray her.

11 of Sarah Paulson's Best Performances (So Far)

These are our favorite roles by the Emmy- and Tony-winning actor.

An ex-Mormon couple is renewing their vows 5 years after one came out as transgender

After 18 years of marriage, Shaye and Amanda Scott are finally planning a ceremony authentic to them.

8 Ariana DeBose must-see musical theater Performances ahead of the Tony Awards

The multi-talented Ariana DeBose (the first out queer woman of color to win an Oscar) is hosting the Tony Awards for a third time. Here are seven performances that spotlight her outsized gifts.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer will always 'fight like hell' to protect LGBTQ+ rights (exclusive)

The governor of Michigan tells The Advocate about her efforts to defend vital LGBTQ+ services, and warns about the dangers of a second Trump term.

When these Venezuelan migrants couldn't afford to get married, their Denver community threw them a wedding

Nonprofit Dork Dancing hosted the wedding for Amarilis and Mariangy Delgado Gutierrez on Sunday, one year after they left Venezuela.

Surprise! 'Hairspray' star Nikki Blonsky has eloped with Hailey Jo Jenson

The actor revealed that she married her partner last year, dishing on the details of the intimate engagement and ceremony.

Even J.K. Rowling's family didn't want to hear her transphobia: 'Begging me not to speak'

Tired of hearing Rowling's bigotry? The author recently admitted that her loved ones were too.

Here are the states that have laws protecting abortion and gender-affirming care

These states have taken the step to protect bodily autonomy.

Amber Rose, 'Slut Walk' organizer, turns away from feminism and endorses Donald Trump

Rose posted a photo of herself, Trump, and former First Lady Melania Trump at a fundraising event with the caption "Trump 2024."