Mizrahi series to debut on Oxygen network

Variety reports that Oxygen is set to launch The Isaac Mizrahi Show in September. The 30-minute documentary series will follow the flamboyantly gay designer-personality around as he goes about his daily business, an undertaking that apparently involves visits with celebrated women (Sandra Bernhard, Bebe Neuwirth, Sarah Jessica Parker, et al.). In the meantime, the pilot for Born in Brooklyn, a sitcom featuring Mizrahi in an unsentimental view of family life, is still languishing in the vaults of Studios USA, according to Inside.com. The show never made it onto the ABC schedule and is now being considered as a mid-season replacement; if it doesn’t find a slot there, the effort will most likely vanish completely. Studios USA senior vice president for comedy programming, Marcy Ross, explains, “There’s so many variables, and all the stars have to align to get a show on the air.... When the momentum is over, it’s gone.”

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