L.A. activists seek to cancel Capleton concert over homophobic lyrics

The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center has contacted promoters of an upcoming Capleton concert in the hopes of canceling the performance by the dancehall musician, whose past lyrics have advocated the murder of gays. In a letter to Greg Trojan, CEO of House of Blues, LAGLC's CEO, Lorri L. Jean, writes, "We're shocked and disgusted that the House of Blues, with a stated mission to 'promote racial and spiritual harmony through love, peace, truth, righteousness, and nonviolence,' would profit from an individual who sings about 'burning queers.'" The Chicago location of House of Blues held a Capleton concert on September 23, and the October 4 concert would take place at the House of Blues venue that happens to be located in West Hollywood, which has a substantial gay population. As of Wednesday, the LAGLC had not received a response from Trojan.

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