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Matthew McConaughey Wants to Snuggle With Stephen Colbert

Matthew McConaughey Wants to Snuggle With Stephen Colbert

Actor Matthew McConaughey jokes that he'll snuggle up with comic-pundit Stephen Colbert, who's previously mentioned his man crush on the Magic Mike star.

NY Daily News caught up with McConaughey, at the premiere of his latest film, the gory thriller Killer Joe, and asked if he was aware he's the object of Colbert's affection. "I think when I see him next, we need to … I hear he likes to go shirtless, too," the actor responded. Asked where their bromance was headed, he added, "

We'll see. I'll snuggle up next to him."

The actor, noted as one of Hollywood's most physically fit men, is losing weight to portray Ron Woodruff in The Dallas Buyer's Club. Woodruff is the real-life electrical contractor who, after being diagnosed with HIV, became one of the most famous drug smugglers of the AIDS underground. MacConaughey describes him as "a homophobe redneck cowboy" who ends up "with a transsexual assistant" in his pill business.

The actor, also a Texas native, recently spoke to The Advocate about how his views on gay people have evolved over the years. "Growing up, I really believed that homosexuality was environmental and cultural," he confessed. "Getting older and being in the film business, where there are probably more gays per capita, but also in meeting openly gay men and women in smaller towns across the south, I much more believe how much DNA has to do with it. I’ve had some great conversations with a lot of gay people about being gay, when they knew, how they came out, and how they live. I’ve also talked to some gay people who aren’t yet comfortable coming out, and boy, that’s got to be more than a daily fuckin’ headache. What a weight to carry on your shoulders. It’s all very interesting to me on a human level, because we’re all in this together."

In October McConaughey will be seen opposite Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman in The Paperboy, the latest film from Lee Daniels.

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