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Why Transphobic Comics Maher, Gervais, Chapelle Are Unfunny Dinosaurs

Once considered edgy thought-leaders, the three loudest anti-trans comics of late have failed to change with the times.

When You Hate Corporate Pride But Love Your Lady Gaga Oreos

There are worse things than a mega corp slapping a rainbow on a tweet.

The Complicated Rules for Speaking Ill of the Dead

It can get ugly when people on social media stop being polite and start getting real.

What It Means to Be a 'Patriot'

It's OK to love someone or something imperfect.

When It Comes to Alex Morse's Sex Scandal, No One Comes Off Well

Parsing whether the out politician is victim of homophobia or a symbol of gay priorities.

So We're Canceling Ellen Because... She's Not Nice?

The woman who changed LGBTQ history is now facing a tidal wave of outsized hate.

Reminder: Trump Allegedly Committed Treason

How many more warnings do voters need that the most powerful person on Earth is a sociopath?

Larry Kramer's Loud, Proud Activism Remains Necessary

We need positive disruptors to remind us the status quo isn't working.

Joe Biden, Tara Reade, and the Future of 'Believe Women'

Not every accusation is equal, contends Amanda Kerri.

Take It From a Trans Woman: Sanders's Embrace of Rogan Is Terrible

No matter how it's spun, the Sanders campaign touting the endorsement of a sexist transphobe is hurtful and hypocritical.

Bernie Sanders's Most Fervent Supporters Are Not Helping

This trans woman says the presidential candidate's online army remains too militant, and their leader is looking the other way.

Socialism Will Not Cure LGBTQ Oppression

There will be benefits if the government starts lifting up the most disadvantaged Americans, but queer equality won't be one of them.

Are Queer People Turning on Ellen DeGeneres Now?

Some argue on social media that icons are being held more accountable. But Amanda Kerri says hate is now seen as a virtue.

Buttigieg's Complicated Relationship With LGBTQ Media Is Relatable

The mayor isn't the only LGBTQ person who gets frustrated with queer media, but it remains absolutely necessary, writes Amanda Kerri.

Nice Girls Don't Swear, Right? This Trans Lady Says 'F*ck That'

Cursing and talking explicity about sex is ok for men, but as Amanda Kerri discovered post-transition, the same doesn't apply for women.

Dave Chappelle Once Tore Down the Establishment. Now He Represents It

Being mad you can't use antigay slurs isn't an edgy (or funny) take, Dave. 

Log Cabin's Trump Endorsement Proves They Are Morally Bankrupt Racists

The Muslim bans, the Nazi defenses, the concentration camps, the attacks on trans people -- how can anyone who isn't a bigot endorse that?

Old, Tired: Conservative Screeds Against the Pronoun Evolution

Note to editors: Wanting the world to stay exactly the same is not a hot take.

Why Did It Take So Long to Take Down Epstein, Cosby, and Spacey?

And when will Trump pay for his (alleged) assaults? We need to stop whispering about sex crimes and pressure officials to take action.

The Atlantic, James Kirchick Dishonor Pride With a Serving of Crap

Black trans women are dying, LGBTQ rights are being chipped away, and The Atlantic thinks it's a good idea to publish a neocon who says all our problems are behind us.