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Amanda Kerri

We need positive disruptors to remind us the status quo isn't working.

June 05 2020 2:28 AM

Not every accusation is equal, contends Amanda Kerri.

May 20 2020 12:47 PM

No matter how it's spun, the Sanders campaign touting the endorsement of a sexist transphobe is hurtful and hypocritical.

January 29 2020 11:59 AM

This trans woman says the presidential candidate's online army remains too militant, and their leader is looking the other way.

January 23 2020 5:33 AM

There will be benefits if the government starts lifting up the most disadvantaged Americans, but queer equality won't be one of them.

January 17 2020 1:44 PM

Some argue on social media that icons are being held more accountable. But Amanda Kerri says hate is now seen as a virtue.

December 13 2019 6:31 AM

The mayor isn't the only LGBTQ person who gets frustrated with queer media, but it remains absolutely necessary, writes Amanda Kerri.

September 24 2019 7:35 AM