Amanda Kerri

We might not be able to kill this evil presence, writes Amanda Kerri.

August 17 2018 4:34 AM

By endorsing a homophobe — and blasting a female black candidate — the Georgia chapter of the LGBTQ Republican group highlights its own irrelevancy.

August 09 2018 12:01 PM

Amanda Kerri is prepared to take extreme measures to ensure every LGBTQ person gets their ass to the polls in November.

August 02 2018 6:06 AM

If we survive, this country will have to choose a new direction.

July 23 2018 11:43 AM

This latest insult from Hollywood has crossed a red line, Amanda Kerri writes.

July 06 2018 4:31 AM

Jesse Singal's discussion of "desistance" is wanting, writes Amanda Kerri.

June 25 2018 5:16 PM Updated

Banning bad cops from Pride celebrations is understandable, but banning all cops isn't, writes Amanda Kerri.

June 19 2018 5:22 AM