Amanda Kerri

The national gun lobby with a vise grip on Congress is a deeply racist institution, writes Amanda Kerri.

June 23 2017 5:46 AM

The brown and black stripes on Philadelphia's Pride flag are not an attack on anyone, writes Amanda Kerri.

June 15 2017 2:30 PM Updated

Bill Maher is a smug know-it-all who thinks we're uncool because we don't appreciate his racist and homophobic slurs. He's also a relic.

June 08 2017 5:03 AM

Trump's presidency is imperiled. Pence's credibility is in tatters. Ryan's loyalty is to tax cuts. America has become completely rudderless.

May 24 2017 5:04 AM

He's no master strategist, writes Amanda Kerri, but a fool enabled by money and privilege.

May 17 2017 5:26 AM

It's nice to imagine we don't need large companies to underwrite our celebrations, but those who organize Pride events know their help is a necessity.

May 10 2017 5:10 AM

The so-called Christians who banned a transgender woman from a soup kitchen are not reading their Bible right, according to Amanda Kerri.

April 27 2017 5:09 AM