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Bloody But Unbowed, LGBT Orlando Tries to Carry On

Victims and hostages speak out after the deadliest mass shooting in American and LGBT history claimed 49 lives at Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

The Ghost Children of Mormon Country

When the repressive, antigay policies of the Mormon church were leaked to the media, rates of LGBT teen homelessness and suicide skyrocketed.

Ted Cruz and the Fallout for Fire Island

The fallout from the Ted Cruz dinner, hosted by a pair of gay real estate magnates, washes onshore at the Fire Island Pines.

How Religious Right Wants Discrimination Put Back Into Law

How the religious right is conspiring to put discrimination back into law.

Step Inside America's Gayest Small Town

The gayest small town in America you've never heard of.

Love In Putin's Russia

Life for gays and lesbians in Russia is clandestine and convoluted. But the country is inscrutable to the West, so it may be impossible to seek civil rights advances like anything we'd imagine. Photographs by Davide Monteleone