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Its very brave of them

Everyone who's tired of the media--and Madonna--calling Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger "brave" for acting in Brokeback Mountain, please raise your hands. Then say it with me: "poppycock"

Just say no to Uncle Sam

No, it is not progress when the military turns a blind eye in order to send openly gay soldiers to die in Iraq. Quite the opposite. In fact, maybe all gays and lesbians should boycott serving our country until our country serves us

We’ll Always Have Paris

On Pride day in Los Angeles, the Grand Marshal will be heralded down the street and it's...Paris Hilton?

Here and now

Do you want the new gay and lesbian TV channels--Here and the soon-to-be Logo--to be the best thing ever? Good. Then it's time for all of us to bite our tongues and start supporting them. Now

Charles Karel Bouley II: Who deserves respect?

Here's one gay man who wasn't willing to sit back quietly while Pope John Paul II was deified by the media without mention of his war against gay families. Is it disrespectful?

The gay agenda revealed!

We know there's an antigay agenda: They want us gone, period. But a "gay agenda"? Can we all even agree on anything? Yes. In fact, the gay agenda is familiar to every schoolchild: liberty and justice for all

Leaving the United States of Medieval

If you ask our columnist, the October 8 gay boycott doesn't go far enough. It's time to let antigay states form an imperfect union of the benighted and for every self-respecting gay man and lesbian to leave for more-enlightened homelands.