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This Is Hong Kong

Flights of Fancy

Get Out of the Rabbithole

As the Internet continues to suck us into a virtual reality, gay culture in the real world is slipping away.

Desperately Seeking Divas

Haven't we had enough of ditsy disappointments masquerading as divas?

Straight talk

Christopher Rice sits down with straight pal Gregg Hurwitz to discuss the best-selling novelist's penchant for gay characters

Band of lovers

SAAD all over

Across the gay divide

AIDS didn't behead the gay community; it drove a wedge between generations that neither side has done a very good job of bridging.

The myth of 'straight-acting'

The next Brokeback

With Condoms, and Without

Michael Shernoff takes on the hornet's nest of psychological factors that propel a large number of gay men to take serious risks in the bedroom. Shernoff also takes aim at AIDS activists who believe that barebacking is an epidemic confined to a limited number of a pathologically self-destructive gay men.

Friends like these

Death and rebirth

Taking the plunge

It's time for gay men to be rid of a drastic misconception about their sex lives, a misconception they've inherited from straight people eager to apply gender stereotypes to sex between two males.