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Drag Icon Lady Bunny Knows Laughter Trumps Hate

The drag icon isn't holding back in her new show at the historic Stonewall Inn and hopes to prove that "the best humor comes from the worst tragedy."

Cops: Man Admitted to Killing Islan Nettles in 'Blind Rage'

Activists hope that James Dixon’s reported “blind rage” confessions will not deter justice for the black trans woman he is on trial for killing.

Trans Woman Allegedly Raped in Stonewall Inn Bathroom

A trans woman was allegedly raped at the Stonewall Inn, the iconic site of LGBT liberation.


Los Angeles Trans Woman of Color Killed on Skid Row

The latest alleged homicide of a transgender person this year comes during a reported intimate partner dispute on Skid Row.

At Age 8, This Gender-Fluid Youth Made Football History

One very special child's family shows how precious unconditional love is for gender-variant children.

This Trans Woman Dared to Be Out in 1956

Being photographed outdoors as one’s true self was a brave act for a trans woman in the mid-20th century.

Iowa Community Mourns Death of Gender-Fluid Teen

Family and friends of Kedarie/Kandicee Johnson are reeling after the gender-fluid teenager’s tragic shooting.

Meet the First Trans White House LGBT Liaison

Advocates are cheering for Raffi Freedman-Gurspan, a Latina public policy expert who becomes the first out transgender person to serve as the White House's LGBT liaison.

DarkMatter Is Here to Say 'It Gets Bitter'

South Asian transgender poets in DarkMatter excite their followers with a progressive political art that's an antidote to Caitlyn Jenner's conservatism.

Remembering 22-Year-Old Trans Woman Miriam Roe

Miriam Roe, a 22-year-old gender fluid student who died in January, is being remembered for their 'intelligent wit' and deep spirituality that actively welcomed LGBT people. 


Alumni Condemn Catholic School’s Exclusion of Trans Students

'Bathroom panic' may well have struck again in a Catholic prep school's claim that it cannot accept transgender students.

Advocates Search for Answers in Bakersfield Trans Woman’s Killing

Police say it looks like someone killed Jasmine Sierra but haven't released much information.

Reports of 'Pong Seed' Death Ignore Trans Woman's Identity

Lucia McCalip, a 22-year-old transgender woman of color in Illinois who took her life last month, is being consistently misgendered by media reports that focus on how she died. 

Friends and Family Mourn Texas Trans Man Nino Acox Jackson

Nino Acox Jackson, a black transgender man, has been found deceased in Dallas almost three weeks after a transgender latina woman named Monica Loera was murdered in her home in Austin. 

Trans Parolee, Once Denied Surgery In Prison, Wins Historic Settlement

The settlement comes as a vindication for Michelle-Lael Norsworthy, who was paroled before receiving the gender-confirmation surgery that a federal judge ordered the California Department of Corrections to provide.

Black Trans Man Demarkis Stansberry Killed in Louisiana

The death toll for trans individuals rises yet again this year with the fatal shooting of 30-year-old Demarkis Stansberry, a black trans man, in Baton Rouge, La.

Who Is Most to Blame For Hollywood’s Diversity Problem?

It’s the system, and not performers like The Danish Girl's Eddie Redmayne, that is responsible for the lack of diversity in mainstream Hollywood, says The Advocate's transgender issues correspondent. 

Our Greatest Allies for Trans Equality in Office

These are 18 of our greatest current allies for transgender equality currently in office.

Two Black Trans Women Killed in 48 Hours

Advocates say the fatalities of two more transgender people show just how grave the state of violence against transgender people has become this year.

Can I Just Use the Girls' Bathroom?

This week marks 40 years since I first asked an elementary school official if I could use the girls’ bathroom, beginning my struggle to live as my true self.