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Think Trans

Think Trans is a series of Advocate features that think through the complexities and controversies of gender identity and expression, tapping into the transgender cultural and conversational zeitgeist.

Trans Beauty Secrets (Inside & Out) From Candis Cayne

Cayne's Hi Gorgeous!: Transforming Inner Power Into Radiant Beauty is a style guide that is going to be a hit with a lot of women.

Kelly Osbourne Gets Real About Transgender Rights

Her new PSA for the TransNation Festival reminds us to celebrate trans lives and address the harsh realities the trans community faces.

DarkMatter Is Here to Say 'It Gets Bitter'

South Asian transgender poets in DarkMatter excite their followers with a progressive political art that's an antidote to Caitlyn Jenner's conservatism.

Making Sense Out of the Murders of Trans Men

While data on fatal violence against trans men is sparse, analyzing details about the last four known murders can illuminate where to begin in combating such crimes.

How TS Madison Turned Hard Knocks Into Comedic Gold

Black trans online reality TV star Madison Hinton shares the difficult, controversial truths behind her rising success.

History Shows Radical Feminism Was Trans-Inclusive

The Conversations Project's groundbreaking historical investigations shine light on the decades-old ideas of pioneering, trans-affirming radical feminists.

Meet Brielle Harrison, Apple's New, Inspiring Transgender Programmer

Brielle Harrison helped Facebook introduce 58 gender options for users. Now she's making the tech industry even more trans-inclusive.

5 Elders Share Wisdom on Trans Longevity

On the heels of a landmark congressional forum on violence against transgender Americans, five elders speak out about the past, present, and future of resilience.   

Here's How the Feds Can Fight Trans Murders

Congress and the White House are speaking out about trans homicides; but what can those in power do to stem the tide?

'What I Wanted to Wear' Lays Bare Trans Street Harassment

For transgender and gender-nonconforming people, walking down the street as their authentic selves can mean suffering verbal assault or worse. 

Trans Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter Join Forces for Justice

As conservative backlash against the Black Lives Matters movement grows, new voices within BLM promote peace and transgender empowerment.