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Op-ed: If Change Can Come Here, It Can Happen in Middle East

The experiences of a gay man in Bahrain demonstrate that things are difficult but not hopeless for LGBT people in homophobic nations.

Op-ed: Meeting My Friend Post-Transition Was a Wake-Up Call

The experience brought up a variety of emotions for this writer.

Op-ed: Why I Still Have Faith One Day I'll Say 'I Do'

In most states, same-sex marriage is legal, but it's up to us to create the lives we dreamed of.

Op-ed: Madonna, My Father, and a Life Outside a Tiny Island

Madonna may have a new album, but playing it makes one writer nostalgic over her music's support through a rocky relationship with his dad.

Op-ed: Love After Loss

Nearly three years after the death of a close friend, a man finds peace with himself.