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GayWatch India

Big, bold and beguiling, India rarely fails to transform visitors with its sheer onslaught of sensory stimuli.  

A River Ran Through It

Valencian Treats

Gay Watch: Belize

When the Cayman Islands suddenly and famously refused entry of an Atlantis Events cruise to its ports in 1998, Belize let the boat dock. More than a decade later, gays are slowly beginning to find a voice in Belize.

Gay Watch: Croatia

A onetime Yugoslav republic embraces equality via one of Europe's most sweeping sets of LGBT rights laws. It's a shame too few of its gay citizens are out enough to put them to use much.

Downturn? Fuggedaboudit

When the deals are sealed and it's time to hit the town, business travelers to the Big Apple are finding some of the best bargains in years.

Sprechen Sie Pride?

For journalist and author Dan Allen, the Euro's always rising, and it's tied to the continent's less commercial, more inclusive Pride celebrations.

Mormons Gone Wild

After one man undresses missionaries for his calendar, LDS Church-owned Brigham Young University strips him of his degree.

Party politics

After his partner criticized the Democratic National Committee for not doing enough on gay issues, Donald Hitchcock lost his job as the group's director of fund-raising from gay donors. Coincidence? Hitchcock thinks not. He sued the DNC, chairman Howard Dean, and two others this May--and speaks to the media for the first time in this exclusive interview.

Too sexy for saving lives?

Right-wing politicians are targeting sexually frank HIV prevention programs and materials. But AIDS advocates aren't backing down from what they say is an effective approach.

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