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Alexander Skarsgard Is Absolutely Drag-Fabulous at Premiere

It's Eric Northman like you've never seen him before, in a flawless drag ensemble on the red carpet for the premiere of The Diary of a Teenage Girl.

Not Only an Icon, Matt Shepard Is a Friend of Mine

Director Michele Josue has an enlightening perspective on her friend Matt in a new documentary.

19 Mormon Missionary Positions You Should Try

Photographer Neil DaCosta talks about how his 2012 anti-Prop 8 photo series still rings true today.

Prehistoric Sex Toys to Make Your Bed Rock

Chris Wild, Mashable's resident "Retronaut", dug up a series of photos chronicling the history of prehistoric sex toys. Or, as they have so euphemistically been dubbed, "ice-age batons." We'll do our best to keep the "rock hard" jokes to a minimum.

Troye Sivan: Let's Talk About Sex

Troye Sivan wants to teach millennials about HIV, AIDS, and safe sex.

20 Touching, Funny Twitter Reactions to Tim Cook Coming Out

Comedians, newsmakers, and fellow gay techies weigh in on Apple CEO Tim Cook's announcement that he is gay.