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The Gay Man Behind ChatGPT Goes to Capitol Hill

He's appearing before a Senate subcommittee hearing on the risks of artificial intelligence poses for society.

Grindr, Meet Manhunt: The Gay App Launches Web Version

What was old is now new again, it seems.

TikTok Tracked When Users Watched Gay Content: Report

The company claims that it no longer does this.

Bluesky May Be The Twitter Alternative LGBTQ+ Communities Need

The invite-only social media platform is free from Elon Musk's influence — and AOC endorsed.

There's Now a Pride Flag on the (Simulated) Moon

Out Astronaut, an organization encouraging LGBTQ+ participation in space and science, planted the flag during a test at a Florida laboratory.

Meet 3 LGBTQ+ Scientists Putting Pride in STEM

Three successful LGBTQ+ people in STEM discuss their roles and the importance of representation.

Tumblr to Allow Nude Images; 'Sexually Explicit' Ones Still Not OK

The blogging site announced updates to its community guidelines and explained why some restrictions will stay in place.

17 Ways Conservative Dating App The Right Stuff Is The Wrong Stuff

If you're a beef-eating, pickup-truck driving, conservative man's man, or a lady who laughs in the face of those who would consider using pronouns in their profile, you're in the right place.

Google Bans Anti-Trans Hate Group Gays Against Groomers

Google is only the latest technology company to suspend the group's use of its services.

Health-Tech Start-Up Plume Brings Gender-Affirming Care Into Homes

The Denver company says it can provide gender-affirming care access to 90 percent of transgender Americans across 42 states.

'Don't Say Gay' Law Fuels Anti-LGBTQ+ Bigotry Online: Report

Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook stood idly by and allowed right-wing users to attack LGBTQ+ people as "groomers."

The Metaverse Will Not Be a Home for LGBTQ+ Folks, Just Like Instagram

It Gets Better Project cofounder and Tom of Finland Store ambassador Terry Miller demands LGBTQ+ orgs like It Gets Better, HRC, and GLAAD to call out Instagram, Facebook, and other Meta brands.

TikTok to Ban Transphobic and Misogynistic Harassment on Its Platform

After years of calls for harassment protection for its queer and trans users, TikTok is banning misgendering, deadnaming, misogyny, and conversion therapy content on the popular video-sharing app.

The Malevolence and Malfeasance Around Meta

A name change for Facebook isn't enough to hide disturbing revelations, lies, and alignment with a gay villain. 

Tech Companies Found Not Liable for Role in Orlando Pulse Massacre

A court found that the incident was not "international terrorism."