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Op-Ed: HIV Quarantines? They Already Exist

Jim Morrison, host of the political show For & Against, examines how HIV criminalization laws endanger everyone by singling out HIV-positive citizens.

Op-ed: Have We Sacrificed Our Freedom for Marriage?

Jim Morrison, host of the political show For & Against, takes on a conservative columnist who equates same-sex marriage with a desire to curb our queer appetites.

Op-ed: Beware of Supporting Candidates Just Because They're Gay

Jim Morrison -- host of the political show For & Against -- explores the dangerous trend of blindly supporting gay politicians.

Op-ed: Whitney, We Have a Problem

Is Jodie Foster's speech really such a big deal when we have bigger issues to deal with?

Op-ed: Scalia Too Biased to Judge Marriage Cases

Before the Supreme Court hears arguments on Proposition 8 and Edie Windsor's DOMA case, the bench must address one justice's scornfully biased record.

Op-ed: Extremely Dysfunctional

Extremist, rigid thinking is no way to govern, at home or abroad, says commentator Jim Morrison.