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Ensuring Every LGBT American Is Safe From Discrimination

Former GOP activist Jimmy LaSalvia was ecstatic when his Kentucky city enacted LGBT protections. Now he wants movement on a federal law.

Imagining LGBT Activism After Trump

Charting a course forward involves being an active part of the nation's healing process, writes Jimmy LaSalvia.

Why LGBT Voters Are Rejecting Trump En Masse

We may not be the target this time, but we can empathize with being scapegoated, writes former Republican and onetime Trump acquaintance Jimmy LaSalvia.

The GOP Presidential Race Is About to Get Very Antigay

The Iowa caucuses will bring out the worst behavior in people like Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, says Jimmy LaSalvia.

How GOProud's Founder Uncovered Romney's Ugly Side

"I began to see that he was, at his core, really an antigay bigot," Jimmy LaSalvia writes of Romney in his new memoir, No Hope: Why I Left the GOP (And You Should Too). Read about LaSalvia's realization in this exclusive excerpt.

Op-ed: Fox Debate Was Transparent Election Ploy

Fox overseer Rupert Murdoch tried to knock off Donald Trump and make the party seem less clueless about LGBT issues.

Op-ed: When Right vs. Left Becomes Right vs. Wrong

Reformed Republican Jimmy LaSalvia is not forgiving the owners of the Out NYC Hotel, who recently hosted an event for Ted Cruz.