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Ray Cunnigham Gets Real...Some More

The first gay reality star in BET's history chats with John Griffiths about his new gig getting straight boys to open up in Fox Reality's Nightclub Confessions

Katharine Heigl

If the Hollywood buzz is sawing right, Katherine Heigl is about to slice off a chunk of movie stardom. This month she's starring in the new Judd Apatow (The 40-Year-Old Virgin) comedy, Knocked Up. But the Connecticut-bred charmer cut her way into our hearts as Izzie Stevens, the earnest intern on ABC's smash hit Grey's Anatomy, and earned her BGF overnight by famously taking a Grey's costar to task for some homophobic comments. Here the outspoken actress talks about her BFF (our cover boy, T.R. Knight, of course!), her frustration with the f word, and her yen to have a gay kid--just not for a while.

Zach Braff

Sorry, McDreamy. Scram, McSteamy. It's sensitive man-child J.D.--the put-upon cutup on the hit series Scrubs--who's TV's most cuddly (and gay-friendly) doc.

Nicole Kidman

On the wild side

Julian McMahon has no sexual hang-ups, and he's not afraid to say so.