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Can't Find Gay Love in Your City? Look Overseas on Instagram

Writer Josh Sabarra discovered how technology opened up a world of dating possibilities beyond his local scene.

Don't Rekindle Old Flames Because of Valentine's Day Blues

Sorry, Trevor. Gay writer Josh Sabarra is tired of ghosts from the past haunting him every February.

Excerpt: Shopping for Gay Porn with My Parents

33 years after my plea for tap dancing classes was overruled, my folks were reviewing my choices in pornography – and I wasn’t the least bit embarrassed

The Gay Dating Pool Is Small But Not Hopeless

Writer Josh Sabarra is not giving into the defeatist mentality that so often invades same-sex singledom.

The Fake Intimacy of Today's Dating Culture

As writer Josh Sabarra proves, even the most sensible gay can lose their head in the pre-meeting rituals of online dating.

Excerpt: Every Gay Boy's Worst Nightmare

Former Hollywood executive Josh Sabarra takes readers on a thrill ride through growing up, coming out, coming of age, and finally finding himself at 40 in his new memoir, Porn Again. Read an exclusive excerpt here.

Calories Are a Bullied Gay's Best Friend

Josh Sabarra shares how being bullied as a young gay teen led to an unhealthy relationship with food.