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Connecticut Gets Married

This weekend, all 50 states participated in protests against the passing of antigay legislation in California, Arizona, Arkansas, and Florida. Gays and lesbians in Connecticut protested too, but they also had reason to celebrate. Last week, same-sex marriages got under way throughout the state.

Connecticut Rings In

Now that the Constitution State has become the third in the nation to extend marriage equality, what's next?

Supreme Beings

There are innumerable reasons to head to the polls this November. The most important? The future of the United States Supreme Court.

Olivia: Out to Sea

After 35 years as a leading lesbian-focused business, Olivia faces an ongoing lawsuit by former executives that could mean stormy weather.

Olivia: Out to Sea

Will an ongoing lawsuit by former executives mean stormy weather for Olivia?

The Bush dodger returns

After almost two years of living with her Canadian partner in that gay-friendly nation just north of Buffalo, an American lesbian faces her own shame at not fighting back and decides to return to the U.S. of A.