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WATCH: How Has Marriage Equality Affected Gay Dating?

Has the push for marriage equality affected the way same-sex couples date? sat down with several owners of gay dating sites to investigate.

WATCH: 'First Gay Hug' Parodies 'First Kiss' Viral Video

A parody of the 'First Kiss' video illustrates the ridiculous statements that sometimes come out of the mouths of uninformed heterosexuals.

Ready and Looking: The Dilemma of a 20-Something

What happens when a 20-something starts to fine-tune what he is looking for in a relationship? As he explores his options, the answer might be directly in front of him.

WATCH: 20 Strangers Kiss for the First Time

Watch as these 10 couples, who have never met before, share a first kiss with each other.

Sexually Explicit Videos No Longer Allowed on Vine

Social video-sharing app Vine has made changes to its rules and terms of service that now bans the uploading of sexually explicit content.

Single, Fun, Fit, and 50

A look at how one man's dating wants and needs have changed over the years.

Sharing Online Accounts With Your Partner

A recent study shows that a majority of Internet users who are married or in committed relationships share passwords for one or more of their online accounts with their partners.

Op-ed: Hot Boys Versus Distinguished Gentlemen

Fascination and preoccupation with youth can sometimes prevent us from seeing older men as people who are still capable of enjoying sexual experiences.

WATCH: Romance Develops From Social Media Networking

In this heartwarming video, vlogger MarkE Miller explains how he first met his boyfriend, Ethan, through Facebook's People You May Know feature.

Grindr Tribes: Helpful or a Hindrance

Mobile dating apps are allowing users to self-identify in as many as 12 different categories. But is it effective for networking?


WATCH: U.K. TV Ad Promotes Safe Sex

In an effort to highlight the continued importance of addressing the HIV epidemic, a commercial aired in the U.K. featuring people of all ages and sexual orientations.

Survey Reveals How Gay Singles Look For Love (and Hookups)

After the initial release of its "Singles in America" study, presents the data for same-sex dating to The Advocate.

WATCH: Women Read Gay Dating App's Messages

The Second City Network's "Ladies Looking" shows us what Grindr, SCRUFF, and GROWLr messages sound like when they are verbally delivered (humorously) by women.

WATCH: 8 Types of Guys Most Gay Men Have Dated

"The Eight Types of Gay Guys I've Dated" gives us a (half serious?) look at the varied personalities gay men can sometimes encounter while dating.

Survival Tips for Singles on Valentine’s Day

Don't sweat it if you are not in a relationship or don't have a date lined up for February 14. Here are some ideas to help make Cupid's holiday a little more fun and less stressful for all the singles out there.

WATCH: 15 Marriage Proposals That Make Us Weepy

Celebrate romance with these very creative and touching marriage proposals.

Op-ed: Knowing When to Apologize Sure Is Important

For most of us, the hardest thing to do is apologize, but recognizing and taking responsibility for how we are affecting others is a crucial component of any healthy relationship.

WATCH: No, For The Last Time, Men Attracted to Trans Women Aren't Gay

A transgender woman addresses the question on YouTube and shines light on the gray area that exists in the black-and-white definitions of sexual attraction. Studies Singles in America

To celebrate the release of its fourth annual 'Singles in America' study, the online dating site held a press event that featured an expert panel discussing the findings. But were the results inclusive of LGBT singles?

Op-ed: Does Social Media Increase Relationship Paranoia?

What is supposed to be recreational entertainment sometimes evolves into cyberstalking, taking away from the human experience of romance and making it secondary to monitoring our significant other's online activity.