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WATCH: U.K. TV Ad Promotes Safe Sex

WATCH: U.K. TV Ad Promotes Safe Sex

U.K. television pushed the envelope with a provocative ad that ran on Channel 4 earlier in the month promoting safe sex. The 60-second commercial showcases people of different sexual orientations and ages simulating sexual encounters as groans and squeals accompany a soundtrack of tango music.

According to The Independent, the publication that ran the commercial online exclusively prior to its U.K. television airing, the spot was created by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance in an effort to highlight the continued importance of addressing the HIV epidemic. Awo Ablo, Director of external relations at the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, said, "We hope the advert educates in a way that it is joyful and expresses what we feel about safe sex: that it is something to be enjoyed and something that helps save lives."

Although the commercial only ran one time on TV, it lives on through the organization’s YouTube channel. We’ll never get anything this racy past the network censors in the United States.

Watch the video below.


JUSTIN HERNANDEZ writes about sex, dating, and relationships for The Advocate. Follow him on Twitter @HernandezJustin.

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