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20 Southern Decadence Dos and Don'ts

The biggest gay party in the South is here. Read this before you hit Bourbon Street.

Orlando Is an Extension of Marriage and Bathroom Wars

At a Florida dance club, religious- and state-sanctioned hate reached its natural conclusion.

Come On, Let's Loosen the Bible Belt

Kristen Becker tells us about her road trip against hate — in a vegetable oil-powered tour bus, no less — where she and Jay Bakker will embark on a pilgrimage from Buffalo to New Orleans.

Provincetown Will Always Be Our Refuge (Even With the Straights)

Comedian Kristen Becker takes umbrage at the suggestion that Provincetown is getting overrun by straight people, saying the city is setting the standard that we should all follow.

20 Provincetown Dos and Don'ts

Provincetown, the original gay destination. Often imitated, never duplicated. 

Op-ed: The Accidental Activist in You and Me

Kristen Becker never thought her comedy career would lead to a fight for equality in the Deep South.

Op-ed: To The Louisiana I Know

Comedian Kristen Becker describes why Louisiana will always be her home and why she can no longer live there.