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Michigan Board of Education Adopts Guidelines Protecting Transgender Students

The board approved a set of recommendations for K-12 schools that advocate for transgender students to have access to facilities comporting with their gender identity and for schools to protect their privacy.

Cops Won't Acknowledge Gender of Trans Woman Murdered

A black trans woman in her 20s was found murdered in Chicago's Garfield Park neighborhood, but police are still investigating the crime as the death of a man. 

Chelsea Manning Begins Hunger Strike to Protest Prison Treatment

Chelsea Manning has reached a breaking point with what she calls bullying and mistreatment at the hands of military officials, and has started to refuse food. 

New DOJ Video Teaches Cops (and Everyone) How to Respect Trans People

The video touches on the tense history between police and trans people, and encourages officers unsure about pronouns to simply ask. 

Trans Woman Artist vs. Chicago Topless Ordinance

Bea Sullivan-Knopf, a performance artist who uses nudity to confront discomfort with trans bodies, is suing the city of Chicago to overturn an ordinance that bans exposed female breasts in establishments that serve alcohol. 

Gold Medalist Caster Semenya Displays Grace Under Pressure

In a press conference with the medalists in the 800-meter race, journalists tried to focus the conversation on testosterone levels. The out South African runner pushed back. 

What's So Dangerous About Federal Judge's Anti-Trans Ruling?

The decision enshrines discrimination against transgender people in law and provides easy justification for any business that wants to fire transgender employees.

Trans Folks Can Now Pee Safely in All Federal Buildings

The General Services Administation issued a new rule today that will ensure transgender employees and visitors have access to public restrooms in all federal buildings. 


Ohio Trans Woman Rae'Lynn Thomas Murdered by Mother's Ex-Boyfriend

Rae'Lynn Thomas was brutally attacked by her mother's ex-boyfriend, who still lived in their Columbus home. She is the 19th trans person known to be killed in the U.S. this year. 

Latina Trans Woman Found Murdered in Her Home in Texas

Erykah Tijerina was found dead in her apartment on Monday. Police are investigating her death as a homicide; she is the 18th trans woman reported murdered in 2016. 

Bill Maher Is Wrong: Trans Rights Can't Wait

In a recent segment on his HBO show, Bill Maher insisted that the fight for trans rights should be dropped until after the election. He couldn't be more wrong. 

Team USA's Chris Mosier Is First Transgender Athlete Featured in Nike Ad

Chris Mosier keeps breaking barriers for transgender men in sports. Now he's featured in a Nike ad.


Supreme Court Halts Trans Student's Bathroom Access (For Now)

Wednesday's stay issued by the Supreme Court means that Gavin Grimm, a transgender high school student in Virginia, cannot use the boys' bathroom at school.


Skye Mockabee Is 17th Trans Person Murdered in the U.S. This Year

Skye Mockabee was found on Saturday morning, but initial misgendering from police and media hampered reporting of her death.

The Trans Web Series 'Her Story' Could Change Everything

Her Story, a groundbreaking series written by and starring trans woman Jen Richards, may be a catalyst for better trans narratives in film and television. 

Chelsea Manning Could Be Placed in Solitary for Surviving

Military prison officals have repeatedly obstructed Chelsea Manning's access to medically necessary care and are now trying to punish her for trying to take her own life, says her legal team. 

Dee Whigham Becomes 16th Trans Person Killed in 2016

The promising young nurse was found stabbed in a hotel room near Biloxi, Miss., where she had traveled to attend a rodeo with friends. 

Does Twitter Only Care About Harassment If You're Famous?

Twitter's ban on Milo Yiannapoulos has been too long in coming. It should not require national media attention for Twitter to act against harassment. 

Dads of Trans Kids Make Us Proud in New Video

"This is a family transition," says Wayne Maines in the new video from the Human Rights Campaign. "And that's what it needs to be." 

Alleged Hate Group Member Charged in Shooting of Trans Woman in Indiana

Crystal Raquel Cash survived a violent assault that left her with a broken jaw, but local news can't help but turn its attention to irrelevent discussions of sex work.