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Stepping Out as Allies to Stop Anti-Trans Attacks

For Pride Month, SAGE, the world’s largest advocacy organization for LGBTQ+ elders, donated $75,000 to the three leading national trans organizations to help the trans community fight back

LGBTQ+ Elders Face Decades of Discrimination. Republicans Don’t Care

Cutting eldercare -- especially services for LGBTQ+ elder communities -- from the American Jobs Plan would be inhumane.

SAGE, Serving LGBTQ Elders, Is in the Second Fight of Its Life

CEO Michael Adams says our community's seniors are vulnerable, but also incredibly resilient.

To Maintain the Safety Net for LGBTQ Elders, We Must Vote

We can help prevent the gutting of Social Security, Medicare, and other programs vital to our elders, writes Michael Adams of SAGE.

The Man Who Made Marriage Possible Discusses the Kavanaugh Threat

Michael Adams, CEO of senior advocacy organization SAGE, queries marriage equality plaintiff Jim Obergefell (pictured) on SCOTUS's future.

The Cake Shop Ruling Should Be a Rallying Cry for Every LGBT Person

Don't just fume, take action, writes SAGE's Michael Adams.

Honoring LGBT Elders Today, and Every Day

On National Honor Your LGBTQ Elders Day, take the SAGE pledge to stand with LGBT seniors.

Harvard Crimson Turns With #MeToo Tide

After 25 years of being silenced by Harvard, an academic's claims about Professor Jorge Dominguez (pictured) are finally heard.

LGBT Elders Know Enough to Play the Long Game

What younger people can learn from the generation that survived Reagan, the Bushes, and AIDS.

Disrupting Loneliness: It’s Not Just for the Holidays

We have to be intentional about not isolating ourselves as we age.

'Will & Grace' Shows Women, Gay Men Trying to Age With Grace

Another benefit of the reboot is the opportunity to show women and gay men dealing with growing older.

Saying Goodbye to Our Mother

SAGE CEO Michael Adams's poignant and empowering message delivered at Edie Windsor's memorial service on Friday in New York.

LGBT Elders Know There's Only One Side to Charlottesville

Queer seniors have been witness to decades of discrimination, and they know what false equivalence is.

Who Would Go After LGBT Elders? The Trump Administration

Our president is determined to make this severely disadvantaged group invisible.