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Father of Lawrence King's Killer Arrested

The father of Brandon McInerney, the now-15-year-old who shot gay junior high student Lawrence King to death last year, was arraigned Friday in California's Ventura County superior court on felony charges of criminal threats and dissuading a witness from reporting a crime.

ESPN To Apologize Over Shaq Ad

ESPN says it will retire an ad that features Shaquille O'Neal and sports commentator Mike Breen after receiving pressure from several advocacy groups including GLAAD and the HRC.

Italian TV Cuts Scenes From 'Brokeback Mountain'

Italian gay rights groups on Tuesday vehemently denounced the "censorship" imposed by state television channel RAI, which cut two scenes from the movie Brokeback Mountain when it aired Monday night, news outlets report.

One of the scenes deleted showed the gay cowboys kissing, while the other depicted them having sex in a tent. Leading Italian press agency ANSA reports that scenes showing explicit heterosexual sex and violence remained intact.

According to the Associated Press, RAI claimed to have cut the scenes by mistake and pledged to air the full version of the movie soon.

On its release in 2005 the Western, directed by Ang Lee and starring the late Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal, received many honors, including three Academy Awards and four Golden Globe awards. (Thibault Chareton,

Westboro Protesters No Match for Oregonian Allies

As four fundamentalist protesters gathered outside of Silverton, Ore.'s City Hall Monday to protest its transgender mayor, residents of the city came out to counterdemonstrate in support of their mayor, Stu Rasmussen.

Indonesian Province May Tag People With HIV

Lawmakers in Indonesia's Papua province are supporting a bill that would mandate implantation of microchip tracking devices into some people with HIV. Supporting legislator John Manasang said Saturday that implanting the chips beneath the skin of "sexually aggressive" HIV-positive people would help authorities monitor those with the virus and punish those who transmit it, according to the Associated Press.

Same-Sex Marriage in New York a Complicated Affair

Gay rights advocates in New York thought same-sex marriage was a done deal after the Democrats captured a majority in the state legislature November 4, with Gov. David Paterson already having said he would sign gay marriage legislation if it landed on his desk. But that may be wishful thinking.

Olbermann and Candace Gingrich Talk Proposition 8

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann talked to Candace Gingrich, the lesbian sister of conservative stalwart Newt Gingrich, Tuesday night on Countdownwith Keith Olbermann. Olbermann discussed a recently released poll from Survey USA that found 8% of California voters who had voted to ban same-sex marriage had changed their mind on the measure following nationwide protests that ensued. Afterward, Gingrich took her brother to task for his recent homophobic rant.

Florida's Gay Adoption Ban Ruled Unconstitutional

A Miami-Dade circuit judge decided Tuesday that a Florida man's sexual orientation should not preclude him from adopting his two foster children, effectively ruling unconstitutional a decades-old state ban on allowing gays and lesbians to adopt.

Mormons Investigated on Prop. 8 Funding

The California Fair Political Practices Commission will investigate the Mormon Church's allegedly unreported contributions to the campaign to eliminate marriage equality in the state.

Apple Comes Out Against Prop. 8

Apple Inc. announced Friday that it had donated $100,000 to fight California's Proposition 8, which aims to change the state's constitution in order to outlaw marriage equality, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Mother of Jennifer Hudson Found Dead

The mother of Academy Award-winner Jennifer Hudson was found dead in her home in Chicago on Friday, the ChicagoTribune reports. Another victim, an unidentified 29-year-old man, was found shot in the chest in the house on Chicago's South Side.

Mormons Bankroll Anti–Gay Marriage Amendments in California, Arizona

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has mobilized followers to give an estimated 77% of the total donations that have come in to support California's proposed gay marriage ban, Proposition 8. Californians Against Hate released figures Tuesday showing that $17.67 million was contributed by 59,000 Mormon families since August to groups like Yes on 8. Contributions in support of Prop. 8 total $22.88 million.

No on Prop 8 Bingo

Joe Biden Tells Ellen He 'Would Vote No on 8'

Democratic vice presidential hopeful Joe Biden sat down with Ellen DeGeneres Monday afternoon to campaign for Barack Obama. During his visit to the show, he made clear that if he were a resident of California, he would be voting no on Proposition 8.

No on 8 Gets Boost From Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa

Long a vocal supporter of marriage equality, Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa put his money where his mouth is over the weekend by donating $25,000 to fight the proposed California marriage ban, Proposition 8.

Faith Leaders Join No on Prop. 8

Faith leaders from across California will come together on October 16 to volunteer at a San Diego No on Prop. 8 phone bank. Leaders from several faiths, including Unitarians, Lutherans, from the United Church of Christ, will call voters to correct the false statements that have been made about Proposition 8 by conservative religious voices.

Poll: Majority of Conn. Residents Agree With Court's Marriage Ruling

A new poll in Connecticut has found that 53% of respondents support Friday's state supreme court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage while 42% of those polled disagree with it, reports the the Hartford Courant. The weekend poll conducted for the Courant showed a wide range of opinions about the marriage decision, often falling along party lines. Democrats agreed with the ruling by a margin of 72%-24%, Republicans opposed it 69%-29%, and independents fell somewhere in between, favoring the decision 52%-44%.

Schwarzenegger Won’t Waver on Prop. 8, Aide Says

With California's antigay Proposition 8 gaining support thanks to a distorted but effective ad campaign, LGBT voters find ourselves worrying: Will politicians continue to stand with us against the proposed amendment?

S.F. Grade Schoolers Spark Marriage Debate

First graders at a public charter school in San Francisco are in the middle of a debate over whether the practice of same-sex marriage will be taught in California's schools.

No on 8 Donations Near $1 Million a Day, Money Needs to Keep Coming

Ellen DeGeneres has stepped up her participation in the No on Prop. 8 campaign by recording a TV ad asking voters to oppose the proposed anti-gay marriage California constitutional amendment. Patrick Guerriero, campaign director for No on 8, made that announcement during a phone conference with LGBT press on Tuesday before going on to stress that of the 1 million LGBT adults in California, only 30,000 have contributed so far.