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Carol Leifer on the LAM

Carol Leifer came out at 40, got Bat Mitzvahed at 45, and adopted a son at 50. Now she has a new book that explains why the hard-to-pigeonhole comic is just along for the ride.

Suri Cruise Kicks Her Way Through Alivin Ailey Performance

The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in downtown Los Angeles was the place to be last week for anyone unfamiliar with the choreography of Alvin Ailey.

A Desert Journey

The Mii Amo spa in Sedona, Ariz., is famous for packages designed to lead people through a spiritual as well as physical transformation. One writer relinquishes herself to the journey and recounts her days in one of the world's most beautiful destination resorts.

Just Can’t Get Enough

Benoit Denizet-Lewis is known for his stories on gay America. With his debut book he comes out of his own closet -- with his addiction to sex.

Calling All Creative Comrades

A new grassroots media organization holds it inaugural event in Los Angeles, and what starts as a networking event becomes a call to arms for media professionals to figure out new ways of working as the economy and old media empires are crumbling.

The LGBT Literati

The Lambda Literary awards on May 29 brought the best and brightest LGBT writers and book lovers to Los Angeles for a celebration of queer literature dripping with bawdiness

Five Questions for Tom Brokaw

Kucinich: Vote for Yourself

Dennis Kucinich is the politician we've been asking for. So why aren't gays supporting him for president?

I Heart Al Gore

While listening to the former vice president discuss climate change in the backyard of a Los Angeles estate on a chilly Friday night, Advocate deputy editor Rachel Dowd suddenly realizes why the world is better off without Al Gore as president of the United States.

Kiss the Cook

How a new memoir (and homemade doughnuts) are bridging the culinary divide.

Drawing on life

For New Yorker Cartoonist William Haefeli life really is a laughing matter.

His beautiful mind

Inside the brain of an autistic savant lies a parallel universe.