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15 Romantic Lesbian Films With Swoon-Worthy Happy Endings

Here are 15 films featuring queer women who get their fairytale ending.

Tegan and Sara: The Queer Queens of 'High School'

Find out the origin story of the indie rock legends.

Chucky’s Lachlan Watson on Their Dual Spooky Role

The nonbinary actor on their killer role(s) and why they're ready to burn down the Hollywood system.

For 'Disney Gays,' Loving the Mouse House Is Complicated

Is Disneyland still the happiest place on Earth for LGBTQ+ people? The answer for many is yes, but it's a bit complicated.

White Nationalist With Gay Father Kicked Out Over Attempted Pride Riot

Jared Michael Boyce's mother told her son to pack his bags following his arrest for being part of the hate group Patriot Front's plot to disrupt a Pride event in Idaho.

Vico Ortiz Slams Buenos Aires Government Over Gendered Language

The Our Flag Means Death star is vocally pushing back against a recent decision to ban the use of inclusive language in Buenos Aires schools.

Trans Woman Burned in Effigy in Switzerland

The ceremony took place during the small town of Bassersdorf's annual spring celebration.

Bound; Saving Face; The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love

14 Romantic Lesbian Films With Swoon-worthy Happy Endings

It’s become practically a cliche that all lesbian films end with tears and tragedy. To be fair, a lot of them do. Whether it’s one of the partners regretfully saying goodbye or, well, dying, it can feel like the WLW heroines of cinema never get their happily ever after. Fortunately, that’s not always true — there’s plenty of queer joy to be discovered on screen. Still don’t believe me? Here are 14 films featuring queer women who get their fairytale ending.

Swallowed Is a Queer Horror Film Guaranteed to Make You Squirm

This body horror shocker from out director Carter Smith made its world premiere at this year's Overlook Film Festival.

Virginia School District Sued Over Inclusive Trans Policies

According to the plaintiffs, the district's trans-supportive policies violate their First Amendment rights. 

First Kill Is the Queer Vampire Drama We’ve Always Deserved

Creator Victoria Schwab along with stars Imani Lewis and Sarah Catherine Hook discuss sinking their teeth into this oh-so-wonderfully gay Netflix series.

Do Queer Films Like Fire Island Need to Pass the Bechdel Test?

A claim that the new gay rom-com hit Fire Island fails what's become a white feminist measure has spurred a debate on Twitter.


Trixie Mattel Goes From Drag Queen to Motel Maven in ‘Trixie Motel’

The skinny legend gives us the, well, skinny on her new show and venture, explaining why this is her biggest risk yet.

A New Queen Song with Freddie Mercury Has Been Discovered

The untitled track is set to be released this fall.

'Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis' Is the Cozy House Porn We Missed

The out and outrageous house flipper is back with a new design show focusing on his celebrity clients. 

Grandson Shares Discovering His Grandfather's Secret Gay Love Story

Sama'an Ashrawi, a filmmaker and podcast host, opened up on social media about the heartwarming story.

UFC Fighter Jeff Molina Smacks Down Homophobic Fans

The MMA competitor had harsh words for the haters when he drew criticism for wearing rainbow shorts in support of Pride Month.

28 LGBTQ+ Films and TV Shows to Watch in June

Pride Month is here and it shows. Everywhere you look this month, we’re here, queer, and on your screens. From returning favorites to new obsessions, June has plenty of queer and LGBTQ+ inclusive viewing to keep you entertained all throughout Pride month.