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Stormy Daniels isn’t backing down and has a message for you

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As former president Donald Trump’s lawyers work overtime to silence Stormy Daniels, she fearlessly speaks truth to power.

If you find yourself getting lost in the labyrinthian rat king that is former President Donald Trump’s legal dramas, we don’t blame you. There are just so MANY alleged crimes and trials going on. But today, we got a reminder of one very important trial taking place in New York in March. This, of course, is the case in which Trump is accused of paying hush money to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal over his alleged extramarital affairs.

You know, family values stuff.

The Hill reports that Trump’s lawyers are working overtime to silence Daniels, McDougal, and his former fixer Michael Cohen by blocking their testimony in the case. “The 47-page motion attacks the witnesses’ credibility at length, casting Cohen as a ‘liar’ and suggesting Daniels would offer ‘false’ and ‘salacious’ testimony,” according to the publication.

Trump and his legal counsel may be trying to hush Daniels, but the fearless adult star turned TV host of the beloved For the Love of DILFs, subject of an upcoming Peacock documentary, and, well, national hero, has no plans to be quiet. Speaking exclusively with PRIDE, Daniels opened up about why her speaking truth to power — under unimaginable duress — is her greatest legacy and why we should all be joining her in that fight.

“My message is don’t give up, and we have to support each other,” Daniels tells PRIDE. “That’s been the struggle. I know that people out there are so, so sick of hearing about it. They’re so burnt out. They’re tired. And I know that I’m gaining more and more support quietly, but people are starting to get silent because they are just tired. I’m still here. I haven’t been able to take a break.”

Things are only going to become harder in the coming months as the trial heats up, but rather than backing off, Daniels has an inspiring call to action. “We really need to find solidarity, and we really need to speak up and not be silenced and support each other. It would be deafening if every person used their voice and spoke up it would just be so loud that we couldn’t be ignored,” she says.

PRIDE interviews Stormy Daniels on why isn’t backing down (EXCLUSIVE)

As for those who would like to see her quietly disappear, be prepared to be disappointed because, for Daniels, this is and has always been about the bigger picture. “If I leave one thing of inspiration, it is that standing up to bullies is kind of my thing. Everyone should do the same,” she offers. “People ask me, ‘Was it worth it?’ or ‘Would I do it again?’ It changes a little bit minute by minute [and] it’s taken so much that I can never get back, mostly time away from my daughter. But at the end of the day, I still would make the same choice because I would never want her to find out that something happened to her mom, and I just rolled over. If I leave anything as my legacy, it would be my great oral skills — both in the bedroom and politically.”

We stand in solidarity with Stormy.

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