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Your City Enacted LGBTQ Protections! Oop, Your State Just Killed Them

States are increasingly "preempting" the laws of cities and towns that seek to protect low-income workers, immigrants, and LGBTQ people.

Time to Reclaim America

The movement starts today and will continue through 2020.

Ending HIV in the Age of Trump

Organizations like Equality Federation and the Fairness Campaign are filling the void left by Trump's complete disinterest in combating HIV.

Our Next President Must Continue Obama's LGBT Legacy

Obama fought hard for us, and Hillary Clinton -- presuming she wins -- needs to continue the momentum.

Op-ed: The LGBT Movement After Marriage

Reaching full marriage equality in the United States will indeed be pivotal, but it's not the end-all, when it comes to LGBT rights.

Op-ed: DOMA, the First Battle in the Immigration War

What's next on the horizon for immigration and LGBT people?