Riki Wilchins

It's nearly three years since the author of Stone Butch Blues left the world, and Riki Wilchins is still grieving. 

6:21 AM

Trump tried to make trans people into scapegoats. It's not working.

11:56 AM

Donald Trump maybe be ginning up transphobia to save his imploding presidency, but he's actually to the right of many Republicans on the issue.

July 27 2017 5:57 AM

A surprising experience in South America has this writer pondering the larger issues involved in bathroom access.

July 21 2017 5:26 AM

Making South Florida's queer community inclusive of trans people was a Herculean feat, Riki Wilchins recalls.

July 17 2017 5:28 AM

The growing media focus on the concept of de-transitioning is yet another way to delegitmize transgender people, writes Riki Wilchins.

July 07 2017 5:52 AM

The beginning of the end of the gender binary may have arrived.

June 13 2017 5:45 AM