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Linking Trans Rights to Gay Rights Wasn't an Easy Sell in the '90s

A look at the winding road to Monday's SCOTUS ruling that codified employment protections for all LGBTQ+ Americans.

20 Years After 'Boys Don’t Cry': Trans Rights and Cancel Culture

Much has changed since Kimberly Peirce's groundbreaking film, and Riki Wilchins doesn't love all of it.

Trump Jr., the Right Wing Test a New Scapegoat: Trans Athletes

Good luck with that, Junior.

Andrew Sullivan Is Coming for Your Children!

The gay conservative jumps the shark with his latest New York column. Maybe a career at Breitbart awaits?

The Last Transgender Teen Suicide

Making anti-LGBTQ parents responsible when their children die from suicide may be another step in ending this plague, writes Riki Wilchins.

Leslie Feinberg's Gone and Something's Missing

It's nearly three years since the author of Stone Butch Blues left the world, and Riki Wilchins is still grieving. 

When It Comes to the Trans Ban, There's a Bright Side

Trump tried to make trans people into scapegoats. It's not working.

The Good News: Transphobia No Longer a Slam-Dunk

Donald Trump maybe be ginning up transphobia to save his imploding presidency, but he's actually to the right of many Republicans on the issue.

A Trans Bathroom in Cartagena

A surprising experience in South America has this writer pondering the larger issues involved in bathroom access.

How Miami Finally Saw the Light on the T

Making South Florida's queer community inclusive of trans people was a Herculean feat, Riki Wilchins recalls.

No, De-Transitioning Is Not a Thing

The growing media focus on the concept of de-transitioning is yet another way to delegitmize transgender people, writes Riki Wilchins.

Is Trans Over?

The beginning of the end of the gender binary may have arrived.

I Was Recently Informed I'm Not a Transsexual

Our vernacular is evolving -- especially when it comes to discussing LGBTQ lives -- but not fast enough for some impatient folks. 

Today's Sci-Fi Oddly Adheres to Strict Gender Norms

From Sense8 to Alien: Covenant, the future appears to be binary.

The Latest Case of a Gay Man Taking Aim at Trans Lives

Before a trans contestant was outed by a gay man on Survivor, Andrew Sullivan insinuated that trans people are capricious with their identities. Enough is enough, writes Riki Wilchins.

The Age of Genderqueer and 'They' Has Arrived

These are scary times, but good news can be found -- even at the Social Security office.

Get to Know the New Pronouns: They, Theirs, and Them

Young folks are chipping away at the gender binary. We should embrace their courage, not run from it.

Making Peace With Your Parents After They're Gone

Having a child who's LGBT isn't easy. Some parents handle it better than others.

Is Trans Beautiful?

Society teaches trans men and women they're only truly beautiful when they look like cis people, according to writer Riki Wilchins.

Trans Men Are Leading the Resistance

Most transphobes can't wrap their heads around the idea of trans men. It's time we use this to our advantage, writes Riki Wilchins.