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Riki Wilchins

Before a trans contestant was outed by a gay man on Survivor, Andrew Sullivan insinuated that trans people are capricious with their identities. Enough is enough, writes Riki Wilchins.

April 14 2017 5:03 AM

These are scary times, but good news can be found — even at the Social Security office.

April 05 2017 5:49 AM

Young folks are chipping away at the gender binary. We should embrace their courage, not run from it.

March 13 2017 5:40 AM

Having a child who's LGBT isn't easy. Some parents handle it better than others.

March 09 2017 5:21 AM

Society teaches trans men and women they're only truly beautiful when they look like cis people, according to writer Riki Wilchins.

March 07 2017 5:15 AM

Most transphobes can't wrap their heads around the idea of trans men. It's time we use this to our advantage, writes Riki Wilchins.

March 02 2017 6:04 AM

The news cycle has mostly washed over the integration of transgender service members, but Riki Wilchins wants us to appreciate how monumental this change is.

July 19 2016 6:02 AM